All about me, Lee the photographer

Hello people, my name is Lee and I’m a special kind of a photographer. I do everything, from glamour and exclusive photos all the way to adult ones, but my true passion and specialty is amateur photos of naked girls, with or without sex in the big picture. This is my only official website where you’ll see things I do daily, from meeting girls and getting laid all the way to making photos and videos of them, naked and in all kinds of sexy situations.

This is how I meet the young girls

Simple answer to that question would be, the social networks, mostly facebook and instagram, but there is much more to that entire process. I’m also very active in the clubs all over the country and generally speaking I’m a communicative fella that is always surrounded with people of all kinds. You know, it is all about the big numbers and being cool about it all. Meeting such increasing number of girls always means hooking up more often and that is exactly what I do. During the last few years, I sort of created a name for myself in the photography as well as amateur porn world and that is how I get by with doing what I do, and trust me, I know what I’m doing when it comes to girls and women.

Skinny young girl posing for a sexy selfie in mirror
She sent me this selfie to show off her body, like she is a supermodel

I’m really in the zone regarding girls, and lately, most of them come to me instead of vice versa. Some just want a good time without photos or videos of any kind but a lot of them want to try out the porn business and become known, so they are more than willing to have their nudes taken by a professional like me.

My proven methods of meeting girls that I videotape and photographe:

  • girls talking among themselves (he got a big dick, he fucked me good, contact him for good photos)
  • my own club hopping and flirting hookups
  • girls interested in soft and hard porn modelling (usually amateur stuff)
  • last but not least, social networking like crazy, and messaging the hottest teens (I’m slick in chat)

I’ll do a detailed explanation in further posts, about my methods and particular stories involving each upcoming girl so don’t worry, you will not miss anything in the future.

Fun selfie of alternative young girl in bikini at the river
One look at her selfie and I can tell her pussy is hairy, not that I have a problem with that
Sexy teen girl posing for a selfie in her erotic lace lingerie
Just the kind of blonde I love to fuck and photograph, I replied immediately

I’ve dropped in a few selfies, the kind that I receive on a daily basis. All those girls are very interested on getting freaky and doing something with me, porn or not porn related. One of my specialties is when girls come for decent (model kind) of photos done. I sweet talk them into doing amateur porn instead and they walk out my door with a big smile on their faces, with a completely different idea and career in mind.

What do these hot girls want from me?

I’m illustrating the answer to the question with a very simple picture, that says a thousand words. All these hotties want my cock, in one way or another. Some want it because they heard it is a very nice and big cock, some want it because they think it will help them with their modelling or even porn career, and some want it for the simplest of all reasons, because they really like sex.

My hard dick that girls love a lot
My pride and joy, a nice shot of my erect penis

Joking aside, my thick (and nice looking) penis is the main reason of my success, in life and with girls. Gossips and rumors about my manliness have really spread like wildfire, in real life as well as online and I can thank my cock for that. My lifestyle of being surrounded with many girls all the time begun with a few very good fucks that I gave. Word got out, from those as well as from girls that make a living from photographs and videos they made, while naked with me, with or without my cock balls deep in their pussy.

Young girls that like to pose naked for me

Now we’ve got to the juicy part. Most girls that contact me that want a nude photo shoot are shy during their first time (no surprise there really), but some are naturally talented and very self satisfied with their bodies, so they show it off proudly and more openly than others. It usually comes down to just light nudes and barely any interesting poses during initial nude shoots but the girls tend to work their way up very fast. I encourage them and I always become their friend on and off camera, so it really helps to get them nicely relaxed.

Smiling girl spreads her naked ass and pussy for my camera
Her smile speaks volumes on how much she likes me and out photo session

Shyness is mostly shown when girls are ready for full nude posing but they try to hide their faces from the camera when they are fully exposed, with pussy and ass open wide and camera getting really close to their juicy privates. Such girls need a lot of positive energy from me during the photo sessions and I give it with an open heart (and with a hard cock, but I’ll explain that a bit later).

Naked young girl shows that doggy style pose is her favorite in sex
Can you tell that she really loves doggy style sex?
Wet girl lifts her leg on the bathroom counter and shows off her hot butt and tan lines
She is ready to get wild right there in the bathroom

Honestly said, I have a nice track record of fucking most of the girls that come over for a photo or video session with me. Sometimes they are horny enough and ready to do it in front of the camera but it usually happens when the camera is turned off. They are not comfortable of going all the way while being recorded, I understand and respect that, with a little twist.

Young girls that want to have sex and such in front of my camera

With all the previous been said, I honestly love and live for getting off with total newbies while I’m making an amateur porn video. These girls are one hundred percent obedient and it isn’t like regular sex with a girl, like you’d have with a girlfriend. It is much more and way better than that. They know you’re in charge and they want to listen to you, because after all, they want to look good in final video material. That means – they’ll do just about anything I tell the, in any pose, any way.

Teen girl sucking my big hard dick
Hottie that enjoys giving me a blowjob

I’ve probably gotten more blowjobs than anyone I know and all the girls that sucked me off have put their lungs into it. They were working overtime to suck my dick and to caress my shaft, just to prove their potential for sexual performance in front of the camera. If you’ve ever seen (or been with) a girl that loves showing off top of her game while getting filmed, you know what I’m talking about.

Big dick penetrating a tight young shaved pussy
I’m fucking a delicious shaved pussy

Fucking is the crown jewel of my way with the girls. They are so silly and easy to talk into sex after they’ve been naked and getting their photo session done with me. I like to believe my handsomeness and good talking game are the reason for that but regardless, they are ready and willing to go all the way because they think I’ll do extra work with their videos and footage. I don’t, really. If the stuff is good, money will be made, if not, she is history, it is as simple as that.

Little hairy anus opens up during sex from behind
There is nothing better than looking at a nice clean asshole during sex

Anal sex is another thing that I enjoy a lot and trust me, there is nothing better than fucking a tight young asshole that was never fucked before, and to have the girl totally submit to you because she thinks it is mandatory and necessary for her career in modelling (and or porn). I’ve lost count on how many little butts I’ve stuck my dick inside and you’ll see some of them in the future as I show them off. Example being, little hairy anus on the picture above. I went in with just a bit of spit as lube and she screamed like crazy but she never told me to pull out of her anus.

Voyeur side of me

I’ll openly admit, there is a big voyeur side of me, and I’m proud of it. I simply love girls so much that I can’t let any of them elude me, regardless if they want me to snap a photo or video or not. I’m a photographer so it is reasonable that I’m always packing a camera with me, but sometimes, I carry a discreet one that isn’t all that much noticeable. I got a habit of using it on girls that I don’t know or the ones that don’t dig my charms, as you’ll see in the future as I show you all the spicy stuff.

Voyeur picture of gorgeous butt and ass crack in tiny green bikini
Such a thick ass in a bikini provokes a voyeur in me

Beach is my usual location where I let my voyeur side fly free and wild, to shoot photos and videos of all kinds of hot young girls that I encounter. I even get to meet some of them later but of course, I never tell them that I actually got them on camera before even speaking with them. Example being, the hottie in the too small bikini from the picture above – I fucked her on the same they I snapped a voyeur pic of her. She doesn’t know about the pic to this day and she is one of my regular fuck buddies since (I’ll show you more of her in the upcoming days, you don’t want to miss that).

Big boobs of hot busty girl photographed in a coffee bar while she wasn't looking
These big boobs needed to be discretely photographed, so I did it

Just like I said, I’m always on the prowl, to meet, make photo material and to fuck more and more new girls. I have no problem with doing a quick photo as I walk by a busty girl (as seen on picture above), because her big boobs were so irresistible. I didn’t get to flirt and meet the one from that picture, simply because she was with male company. I tend to avoid such hassle, much better to just do a voyeur fly by as you can see. No hassle, no risks.

Closeup voyeur photo of hairy pussy slip out of a white bikini on the beach
I noticed her hairy pussy is peeking out so I snapped a little voyeur photo of it

My voyeur specialty is zooming in on right things at the right time. I manage to see all the hidden details of the girl I’m spying on and she never discovers that I’ve seen it, unless I want to (sometimes, it is a nice conversation starter, believe it or not). See the picture above? She didn’t shave her pussy before going to the beach and I’m totally sure that she still thinks no one noticed it. Well, my voyeur picture says otherwise, as you see.

Voyeur photo of a hot nurse in uniform bending over at the doctor's office
Routine examination at the doctor didn’t mean I can’t snap a voyeur pic of a hot nurse bending over

I’m a hyperactive kind of guy and filming everything helps me spend the excess energy that I have. That is why I make all kinds of hot voyeur photos from most interesting places where no one expects to be caught by a camera. I did such pictures in hospitals, bars, clubs, streets, theaters, toilets – you name it, I did it, more than once. I consider it a side gig from my amateur sex photos and naked photography.

Spying and peeping on the girls in my apartment

There is those few girls that don’t hang out with me because of my camera gear or photography skills. Those girls are only interested in one thing, my big hard dick. Those very same girls don’t want their photo taken and they don’t want it to be known that I’m fucking them whenever their pussy gets that special itch that only my penis can scratch. Well, I have a nice setup to videotape them too, without them knowing it. I simply put a few neatly concealed cameras all over my apartment and that is exactly how I get the most intimate footage ever (from showers all the way to sex).

Spying on anekd young girl's tits and naked body inside the bathroom without her knowing it
I’m a maestro when it comes to peeping on naked girls in bathroom, specially when they didn’t want their photo taken

Some of my regular fuck friends girls tend to stay the night at my place, after a wild evening full of sex. I make sure that they are sleeping solid before I do anything and than I snap away with my camera. There is something purely erotic in watching a naked girl sleep, after you’ve exhausted her with a sex marathon and after she came more than a few times. You can even see the traces of cum dripping out of pussy if they don’t shower right after the deed.

Freshly fucked teen girl is sleeping naked in my bed
They are specially vulnerable when they fall asleep, naked, after sex

With all the hot pictures I’ve shown by now, I believe you get a clear picture on what I’m about. I never miss a chance to do a photo session with any young hottie and my voyeur side shows that I generally don’t miss attractive young girls all together. One way or another, they become mine.

Summary of what to expect on my site

If you’ve endured through my entire introduction, I think I got your interest by now. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the uncensored and taboo aspects of my lifestyle as much as I do when I live it and I have the most sincere intention of bringing you every juicy detail as it happens, daily and weekly. I’m going to show you:

  • sexy photos that girls send me
  • naked photos of amateur girls that I personally make
  • horny young girls that I fuck and film
  • and of course, voyeur sexiness that I catch with my candid and hidden cameras

I take a lot of pride in the naked material that I create with all the lovely young girls, as well as full blown sex videos that I’m doing. Voyeur part of my photographing skills is just icing on the cake, to show that there are some very sexy moments that are fully spontaneous, without any posing whatsoever. To sum it up, if you like young girls as much as I do, you’re in for a treat.

My contact info

You can click here and freely mail me with whatever you need, a comment, request or even if you’re a model candidate of any kind. I get tons of messages and mails every day so don’t expect a quick reply but I promise I’ll get around to it in a matter of days. Until then, keep track of what I’m doing by frequently visiting this website.

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