Here you'll find the general information about photographer Lee, his passion for making amateur sex and voyeur videos, as well as contact information and such stuff for any possible photo shoot, collaboration or anything that involves this website.

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    Bad choice of photos to try getting into porn

    Since I’m getting a lot of mails, messages and even calls from all kinds of hot girls, I would like to make you all aware about something. I always answer and I review all the photos and videos I receive, but I would appreciate if there is some standard that all the girls would honor when trying to get in touch with me. It is really simple and I’ll explain it with a few bad examples in…

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    All about me, Lee the photographer

    Hello people, my name is Lee and I’m a special kind of a photographer. I do everything, from glamour and exclusive photos all the way to adult ones, but my true passion and specialty is amateur photos of naked girls, with or without sex in the big picture. This is my only official website where you’ll see things I do daily, from meeting girls and getting laid all the way to making photos and videos of them,…